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The Importance of Foot Support

  • on August 15, 2017
  • in News

If you ask most chiropractors to indicate which ailments they have to deal with the most, the answer would definitely be back, hip and knee pain. The main reason behind such conditions are subluxation; in simple terms, it means a condition where the spinal bones move from the original position or slightly dislocate, causing the spinal nerves to either get irritated or endure undue pressure. Since the nerves in the spinal cord play a major role in controlling the bodily functions and distributing the messages from your brain to the designated part of the body, a condition such as subluxation can jeopardize your normal day to day function and cause unnecessary pain in the areas mentioned.

Why a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is the best option that one has in treating such situations as a chiropractor spends years learning and developing skills to help patients deal with such situations. At your first visit, your chiropractor would conduct a thorough evaluation to determine where exactly the dysfunction of spinal bones has happened, after which your chiropractor would perform a series of adjustments and therapy to bring the bones back to their original alignment; which would, not only alleviate the existing symptoms, but ensure that your body begins to function one hundred percent once again.

Preventive Measures

In order to make sure that you do not suffer from such condition in the near future, there are a few preventive measures that will be suggested by your chiropractor

  1. Exercise regime that are specifically designed to help your condition, which may vary from one patient to another as every condition and body are different and so is the cause for misalignment;
  2. Certain changes in your lifestyle can also be recommended depending upon the schedule you keep, kind of work you do and the food you eat;
  3. Last but not the least you may be asked to use custom SPS (spinal pelvic stabilizer).

What and How of SPS

Spinal pelvic stabilizer or orthotics is custom design support that you place within your shoes to support all three arches under your feet ensuring that your spine, hip, knee and ankles are in proper alignment. It has been observed that many of the condition and misalignments happen due to incorrect footfall, poor mechanics or over-pronation which leads to an imbalance in the joints and spine.

Once your chiropractor has made the necessary adjustments and neutralized the condition, maintenance of the proper alignment will be required. It is a fact that the body may revert or follow the way it used to walk, sit and generally create the same condition again as your body is used to walking in a certain way; in order to prevent that from happening, you must consider getting SPS which is custom made for your feet and offer optimal preventive measures.